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What Is Accord and Satisfaction in Contract Terms

Accord and satisfaction in contract terms is a legal concept that refers to the act of fulfilling a contractual obligation by making an agreement with the opposing party to accept a lesser payment or perform a different action. It is a way of resolving disputes arising from a contract without resorting to litigation.

Accord is an agreement between parties to a contract where one party agrees to perform its contractual duty in a different way than what was initially agreed upon. Satisfaction is the performance of the new obligation that was agreed upon as a substitute to the original obligation. When there is an accord and satisfaction, the contract is considered to have been fulfilled by the parties involved.

For instance, let`s say you are a contractor hired to build a house for $100,000. After starting the construction, you realize that the original estimate you gave was too low, and it will cost you $120,000 to complete the project. You approach the client, and both of you agree to modify the contract so that the client pays $110,000, and you complete the house. Once the house is finished, the accord and satisfaction are complete, and all obligations of the original contract are met.

Accord and satisfaction can also be used when there is a dispute between parties regarding the performance of a contract. If one party believes that the other has not fulfilled their contractual obligations, they can negotiate an accord and satisfaction. For example, if a vendor did not deliver all the goods ordered by the client, the parties could agree to reduce the price and deliver fewer goods to complete the contract.

It is essential to note that accord and satisfaction should be documented in writing and signed by both parties to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes that may arise later. The agreement should include the details of the original obligation, the new obligation, and the consideration that will be exchanged for the new obligation.

In conclusion, accord and satisfaction is a legal concept that allows parties to a contract to resolve disputes or fulfill contractual obligations without resorting to litigation. It is an agreement where one party agrees to perform their obligation in a different way or with different terms, and the opposing party agrees to accept it. This agreement should be documented in writing to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes.