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A Quick Game Review of Governor Of Poker 2

If you liked the first game of Governor of Poker, chances are you’ll love this second go around. The nice thing about this game is that it doesn’t try to change the rules all that much. In fact, the base game (the one you start with) is pretty much the same, but utama88 casino the base game has just been refitted to be more accessible to those who don’t have hundreds of dollars to burn. You still have four rounds to play, and then you’re off. It’s a great way to get into online poker without having to spend a lot of money on setting up an actual game room.

The thing that really makes Governor of Poker 2 stand out is the accessibility of the poker games. While there aren’t any real tournaments included, you can still play against the top players in the world, and because the game isn’t as complex, you can actually win a bit without investing a lot of time into it. The best part about the online version of this game is that the controls are not nearly as frustrating as they could be in a real tournament. The clicker movement of the mouse is a great substitute for the constant wrist slapping required in many tournaments. You won’t feel rajatoto4 the constant « clicking » necessary to win in most online games, but it’s still a great way to gauge your skills and get a feel for how much skill you have, in general, rather than spending hours trying to perfect a strategy to beat your competition.

The base game, which is the one you start with, generally requires no real strategy at all, as it’s quite simple. The real fun comes from the fact that you get to do something different every time you play, as each round gets progressively harder and more difficult. There are several distinct differences between the various rounds, ranging from the type of cards dealt, to the starting hand that each player has (the jack of spades is the hardest to deal with, as it has to be turned over sideways). Playing the governor in poker 2 is a lot of fun, and even though there are many variations, none of them are truly spectacular. If you enjoy playing simple Texas Holdem games, the graphics are decent, and the overall mechanics are very solid.